Handal Energy Solution and technical partner Oilfield Technologies

Oilfield Technologies (OT), is a certified oil and gas third-party technical verification testing company. OT has been operating for the last 20 years worldwide, in Perth, Western Australia, with an experienced team of diverse and educated staff. Working with HESSB as a technical partner, we provide analysis for drilling muds viability and efficiency for use on well to well condition basis. OT has a lab setup in Australia to conduct all types of reservoir characterisation studies to model real life operations.

Major services provided Include

Pre-qualification and verification of drilling mud

  • Mud samples are taken and compatibility tested in lab conditions to the well samples to ensure suitability during operations. Results classifies the reservoir pore geometry clay location and type.
  • A pore throat model is built for each reservoir, which allows for the drilling fluid and bridging package to be optimized, to be ‘reservoirmatched’.

Reservoir Characterisation Studies

  • Pore throat modelling of reservoir samples, Intra-pore reservoir clays, type & location
  • Sand screen Selection Testing and Optimisation Services including sand grain size analysis for sand screen studies; Sand screen flow through test and Gravel pack studies