Hydraulic Workover Operations

Our Hydraulic Workover technologies are a versatile, safe and cost-saving alternative to conventional drilling. Our units are designed according to the highest standards of technology and safety systems to address the most technically demanding operations. Ultimately, optimum production of your wells is assured.. As an end to end service provider, Handal Energy Solutions Sendirian Berhad (HESSB), a subsidiary of Handal Energy Berhad provides HWU for the oil and gas market market.

With support of engineering and technical team in house from Handal Fabrication SDN BHD and Handal engineering SDN BHD, Handal’s team capabilities include pre-job surveys, detailed engineering studies namely: –

  • Detailed proposed layout of equipment (determined by weight and dimensions) with inputs from Offshore Structural Analysis Software.
  • Equipment selection includes suitable unit for operations, pumps and power supply.
  • CAD drawings of HWU stack up.
  • Pumping setup and pipelines setup design.
  • Marine support for equipment, crew and operations which include fast crew boats, Accommodation work barge and supply vessels.
  • Structural supports and certified minor fabrication.

Operational services include Plug and Abandonment (P&A) services with local and international service providers for well workover which includes,

  • Tubing change, tubing cutting/tubing punch, remedial services;
  • Plug setting in the wells, bridge plug setting and balanced plug setting.
  • Behind casing remedial and cementing plugs or behind casing cement squeeze.
  • Zone change out with Slickline support or recompletion.
  • E line logging service which include CBL, VDL and GR&CCL.
  • Packer milling and big hole fishing/hydraulic fishing.
  • Casing scrapers, brushes and magnets to clean debris
  • Pumping of chemicals, brine, wash fluid and acidizing.
  • Perforation, Re-perforation.
  • Minor wellhead maintenance.